It is a liquid obtained from the distillation of rose. Spring is the best time to pick flowers and prepare rosewater of them. It has a pleasant aroma and is used in the perfume industry and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-bronchitis properties.

Ingredients and nutritional value of a bottle of rosewater
Rose water is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, tannin, pectin, citrenolol, granule, stapropene and phenylethanol and has beneficial compounds such as terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids and anthocyanins.

the nutritional value of a bottle of rose water is as follows :
Calories: 80
Carbohydrates: 21 gr
Sugar: 20 gr
Rosewater is one of the most widely used essences that due to its special properties and nature, it is useful for strengthening the heart, liver, stomach and nerves.

Properties for the treatment of diseases, beauty and health of the body

Sore throat
Rose water is a natural antibiotic and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so it strengthens the immune system and treats colds and sore throats. Other amazing benefits of this product includes

Improve eyesight
Treatment of gastrointestinal pro


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